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导演: 法乌斯托·布里齐
编剧: 法乌斯托·布里齐 Fausto Brizzi / 赫伯特·西蒙·帕拉格钠尼
主演: 维奥兰特·普拉奇多 / Caterina Guzzanti / Paolo Ruffini / Pasquale Petrolo
类型: 喜剧
制片国家/地区: 意大利
语言: 意大利语
上映日期: 2019-02-21(意大利)
片长: 100分钟
又名: Airplane Mode
IMDb链接: tt8906022
  Diego Gardini (Ruffini) is a highly successful entrepreneur, a major wheeler and dealer who knows just about everyone in show-business. He is also an extremely obnoxious, selfish, egotistical lout who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. One day, he loses his cell phone in a public washroom just before an overseas flight. Two janitors find the phone and, to avenge Gardini’s mistreatment of them, choose to flood Gardini’s social media accounts with scandalous messages and pictures. Given Gardini’s fame as a socialite, the messages go viral, jeopardizing Gardini’s job and future. Modalità Aereo is a high-concept film filled with slapstick moments, embarrassing scenes, misunderstandings and humiliation, in the tradition of classic Italian comedies.


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